Decal Removal Kit

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This kit is what you need to professionally remove your old decals! Includes 1 scraping tool and 1oz of adhesive removal fluid. *Add the adhesive removal fluid to a paper towel and wipe the left-over adhesive from the original decals.


1 - Scraping Tool
1 - 1oz bottle of Adhesive Removal Fluid

More Information:

Adhesive Removal fluids are designed to make the removal of adhesive from old decals quick and easy. The fluid in this kit is professional grade and not available in stores. Simply wipe the fluid onto the left-over adhesive with a paper towel. Allow 60 seconds for the fluid to soak in and scrape the adhesive off with the scraper.

A Scraping Tool is a handy plastic tool used to scrape off the old decals and adhesive during decal removal. The scraping tool has a special edge that allows you to scrape off the old decals without damaging the paint.

**While the scraping tool is specially designed to not damage the engine cowling, excessive force can cause chips in the paint. Start with low pressure and slowly increase force to a moderate level. If the original decals won't come off with moderate force, you may need to use a heat gun to loosen them. If glue won't come off with moderate force, apply more adhesive removal fluid and wait 60 seconds before trying again.